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We make it easier for your qualified personal to arrive.

When deciding on a new city or country, being able to reconcile your career, partnerships, and families is becoming increasingly important for a qualified professional.

In order to make the regiopolis region of Rostock more attractive both within and outside of Germany, in addition to stimulating intelligent, sustainable, and integrated development, we are committed to promoting a ‘culture of welcome’ in the region. It is our aim to help ensure your qualified professionals settle in quickly and well – in terms of both their professional and private lives – by providing individual services and relevant information on their new place of residence – all from one central point.

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Advantages for your Company at a glance:

We would be happy to come visit you to show and explain all that our service can provide to you and your incoming and recently arrived qualified professionals:

Provide additional arguments when recruiting workers
Demonstrate that you encourage a ‘culture of welcome’ in your organisation
Make it easier for new employees to not only start and pursue their careers but also reconcile their working and private lives
Increase the levels of motivation of your new employees from the very start
Ease the burden of personal responsibility on your new workers concerning questions they have on arriving in the region, for example.

Company references

“Seit langem ist der zunehmende Fachkräftemangel in unserer Region zu beobachten. Das Welcome Center ist eine tolle Einrichtung um Fachkräfte zu uns nach Mecklenburg-Vorpommern zu holen und ihnen den Einstieg zu erleichtern. Wir selbst haben über diesen Weg bereits einen neuen Mitarbeiter gefunden und werden den Service des Welcome Centers weiter nutzen und unterstützen.”

Thomas Nickel, Prokurist – Leiter Business Unit Actemium Industry Data

“Being an international company it is very important for us to help new employees as well as their families to quickly integrate into their ne working as well as social environment. Colleagues especially those from abroad often face major challenges that are linked to their decicion to change jobs and place of residence. A lot of organizational issues have to be dealt with outside working time and often in English. At this point we are happy to take Advantage of the welcome services of the Servicepoint for Professionals and appreciate ist Establishment in the Hanseatic City of Rostock.”

Guido Zimmermann, HR-Manager at Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock G