Reconciling working and family life is possible in the Region of Rostock

The region of Rostock provides a remarkably family-friendly environment, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a pioneer for childcare in Germany, enabling family and working life to be well combined. In addition, there are near inexhaustible freetime activities, making an active and independent life possible for both the young and old.

Child Care

Since the 1st of August 2013, children from the age of one have enjoyed the right to a childcare facility or daycare place for up to 30 hours per week, a number which can range up to 50 hours per week if whole-day arrangements are necessary to ensure a decent work-life balance. Under certain conditions, even children under a year of age are eligible for daycare.

Child Benefit

In general, you are entitled to child benefit if you and your child have a residence permit in and are registered in Germany. You will be eligible to this child benefit until your child becomes 18; however, if your child opts to study or engage in other forms of further education, you may be eligible for child benefit until your child is 25.

You can find information on registering for child benefit, the relevant family benefits office and further general information at:

Parental Benefit

Basic parental benefit is a form of financial support for families following the birth of a child and is paid to the mother and father for a maximum of 14 months. One parent must claim this support for a minimum of two and maximum of 12 months, with a sharing of the timeframe possible among both parents. The calculation for the sum is made according to the average monthly income of the recipient for the 12 months prior to the birth of a child.

Further information of parental benefit, registration forms, and respective responsibilities can be found on the internet page from the Federal Office for Health and Social Affairs (Landesamts für Gesundheit und Soziales)


A wide-ranging educational spectrum is available to children and young people in Rostock and the surrounding region. Following a four-year primary school (Grundschule) education, further relating forms of schooling await children such as regional schools (Regionale Schule), comprehensive schools (Gesamtschule), and grammar schools (Gymnasium) following a school-independent ‘Orientierungsstufe’ (a diagnostic stage during which the aptitude of pupils regarding various types of secondary schools is assessed). Inclusion is currently being practised extensively so that as many children and young people with special support requirements as possible can attend regular schools and school classes.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur) in Schwerin is responsible for the school system in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Family Support

There are various services and institutions tasked with providing advice and support to families with children in the region of Rostock in order to create and strengthen positive living conditions for families. The youth welfare office (Jugendamt) is the principal contact partner in the region for providing support on quality childcare, general educational guidance, child protection, and for assisting young people.



Region of Rostock

  • Sozialpädagogischer Dienst des Jugendamts in region of Rostock
    Address: Am Wall 3-5, 18273 Güstrow
    Phone: 03843 755-51999
    Bad Doberan:
    Address: August- Bebel-Str. 03, 18299 Bad Doberan
    Phone: 03843 755-51999

Options for Seniors

Rostock has many possibilities that enable older people to live independent and active lives. The healthy baltic sea air and numerous options to engage in activities related to health and care, wellness, culture and sport allow for a high quality of life up to advanced ages.