>> Event canceled <<


Dear interested parties, dear athletes, dear cooperation partners, dear companies, dear colleagues,

Unfortunately, we have not yet received the expected permission to host the Career Cup on the university sports field at the Waldessaum.

We, the event team, have to cancel the Career Cup with a heavy heart after it has already been postponed once.
Even if there would be a permission in the next weeks (depending on Covid-19 development), we would need to start printing the posters, city light advertising, etc. now and would also like to give all those involved a certain degree of planning security.

Since the companies and organizations involved are also still subject to Covid-19 restrictions (e.g. to external events and contact sports), planning is difficult here as well.
We four organizers thank everyone who also put a lot of commitment and enthusiasm into the event!

Perhaps in the future we can revive the idea of the Career Cup under more favorable circumstances.

Inqueries are welcome to welcome@welcome-region-rostock.de

Best regards,
the event team:

Welcome Center Region Rostock (inqueries to t.ebbighausen@welcome-region-rostock.de )

Kreissportbund Landkreis Rostock e.V.

Welcome Center of the University of Rostock

Mitmachzentrale Rostock

…feel free to contact us – see our websites below!




>> An open-air festival to enjoy, inform and network  

>> Soccer and beach volleyball tournaments

For sports enthusiasts and job seekers from all over the world, together with companies from the region

>> Supporting program, information booths, activities, culinary delights and much more for the whole family

We connect networking, professional opportunities and a colorful open-air experience for the whole family. The first Career Cup is an event organized by the Welcome Center Region Rostock in cooperation with the University of Rostock, the Kreissportbund Landkreis Rostock e.V. and the MitmachZentrale of the Stadtsportbund. The soccer and beach volleyball tournament offers job seekers the opportunity to network and to get to know regional companies on the field. A market of opportunities will be available to learn more about the potential job opportunities and to maybe arrange a meeting without a ball or jersey. Regional delicacies, a chill-out area, music from the DJ and offers for the whole family create the colorful framework with many cooperation partners (see below). This is a non-commercial event that lives on the commitment of all participants. Any surpluses will be donated to the Kreissportbund for a good cause.


contact: welcome@region-rostock.de